A history of style and quality of service

All of the CASA LOLA LUXURY COLLECTION establishments are houses devoted to the enjoyment of the senses, designed with the utmost attention to detail, guarantors of comfort, and fundamentally transmitters of
culture and enjoyment to their visitors. They are located in the most special spots and are in close proximity to places of interest. Their architecture and interior design are nurtured by the historical tradition of every
country and every city in which they are located. And they have an artistic and global mixture of antiques and novelty elements that cover their rooms and walls.

Design with own name, Ignacio García de Vinuesa.

As the founder of CASA LOLA LUXURY COLLECTION, Ignacio Garcia de Vinuesa, renowned Spanish architect, puts his knowledge and craft in each of his projects. He personally looks for the special places that he manages so that you can enjoy them.
He travels around the world seeking materials, fabrics, furniture, objects, so that each destination offers magic and shines with its own light.



is considered as an artistic jewel to enjoy today’s luxury. It displays authentic Colombian magical realism, as every one of its corners has a story to tell, and its ambiance reflects the influence of the different cultures that shaped Cartagena centuries ago. In addition, its location, in the beating heart of the old city, the neighbourhood of Getsemaní, will make your visit all the more comfortable since everything will be within reach.






Panama recalls the colonial era with a historic edification where you can enjoy our time’s luxuries. It is representative of traditional architecture and it faces the ocean and the bay in a predominant position, in front of the original location of the city’s market. Located at the entrance of Casco Viejo, it is the best place to venture into it and discover all of its secrets, while also having a fast and easy access to any other place in the city.